Adam Halls was born into a farming family in the heart of Bodmin Moor.

Art is an essential part of Adams life and from a very young age he demonstrated a talent for drawing and painting. This developed further at Liskeard School where his excellent Art and Textiles teachers taught him the skills and techniques which now underpin the majority of his work.



After completing his A-Levels Adam went on to study Architecture at The University of Plymouth during which time he developed his command of space and perspective as well as gaining knowledge of Genius Loci and the Psychology of Place.



Adams recent work clearly emanates his strong association and underlying fascination with Place. Many of his textile pieces are inspired by Carkeet which is the family farm. His work focuses on looking at and capturing the details of natural and man made objects within their surroundings. He is inspired by the concept of things being eroded by time and the earths forces. Adam records his observations through sketches and digital photography which he then works from in his studio with paint, fabric and thread to create truly intricate and fascinating finished pieces.




Each piece of his work is totally unique and often incorporates a number of techniques, which will be worked on top of for several weeks and months. This process enables him to create the embedded textures and interesting colours and surfaces. Adam believes his work is original, fresh, energetic and intriguing to the viewer. People are drawn into his work and cannot resist getting closer to look at it in more detail.